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“ With our OutBound method, You just not gonna enjoying the games! We wrapped it with Team Building & Training become FUN-TRAIN”

Outbound Training – OBT Training or Outbound Learning is a training method for enhancing individual, team and organizational performance through experiential learning methodology where participants are involved into outbound training activities and outbound training games that give an immersive learning experience and bring out the variety of learning outcomes based on the participants and organizational learning needs. 

Outbound Training generally revolves around outbound activities designed to improve leadership, communication skills, planning, change management, delegation, teamwork, and motivation. Participants are divided into teams and assigned tasks or activities for completion in a specified time.

Markshare is an Outbound Training company that strongly believes in delivering impactful outbound training programs that can be the key element of developing a tight-knit, effective and high-performance teams for your organization.

We use a focused, planned, safe and structured approach to design all our outbound learning activities. Our Programs includes the variety of Outbound, Experiential, Adventure, and Team Building Games and activities.

Achievement, performance, and behaviors during outbound training games are reviewed through a process of discussion called debriefing, to identify behaviors that enhance performance or lead to failure or decreased performance.

Strategies are formulated to deal with factors that hinder, and these strategies are then put to use in the activities that follow, to test their effectiveness and ultimately help the participants learn to change behaviors or processes back at work.

In Outbound Training Activity, the facilitator invites the group to achieve a goal but does not explain how to successfully complete the activity. Participants must work to find a solution individually and together as a team and must communicate and learn from each other in order to be successful. The Learning begins with the experience followed by reflection, discussion, analysis and evaluation of the experience.

Our Instructional Designers and  Facilitators work with the Learning & Development or Human Resources Department to evaluate, suggest and customize the Learning Objectives to deliver on the desired outcomes.

The main focus with the Training approach is to impart learning on organizational needs such as  Leadership, Strategic Thinking, Conflict Management, Team Building, Effective Communication, Quality Improvement, Mentoring and Skill Development.

Benefits of Outbound Training

Outbound programs have been found to be effective to enhance self-development, social and emotional development, teamwork and leadership.  Other areas include behavior change and personal efficiency.  After spending time outdoors, team members tend to bond together in a way that is not possible concrete office environment. 

Outbound programs demonstrate that people can become more cohesive, shedding their inhibitions, opening up and becoming more receptive to learning. It also proves that in spite of differences in cultures and ethnic backgrounds, people can live and work together and that it is inherent in human nature to be helpful. In an environment such as this, it becomes possible for a sensitive and experienced executive coach or facilitator to identify weaknesses, strengths and suggest new coping behavior for trouble areas.
Some of the Benefit of Outbound Training include

  • Real-time and realistic knowledge
  • Self Development
  • Interpersonal skills
  • communication Skills
  • problem-solving skills.
  • Team building
  • Leadership Development
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Change Management
  • Personal/Professional Effectiveness

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